GRIT: courage and resolve, strength of character

Why Grit?

  • Goal oriented

    Exercising just for the sake of breaking a sweat is a good way to feel good about yourself for an hour, but not a great way to see continual results. At GRIT, we’re driven to help you reach your personal goals through progressive programming in order to give you the push you need to see results.

  • Resiliency

    Proper training shouldn’t leave you feeling defeated and rundown. We place a strong emphasis on optimal movement quality, proper recovery methods, and strength training to help our clients become the most resilient versions of themselves possible. Each workout will leave you 1% better than the last.

  • Invigorated

    We’re not out to beat you down and leave you feeling exhausted at the end of every workout. As a matter of fact, we want you to feel better than you did when you first walk through the doors.

  • Tenacity

    We’re all about consistency and dedication, despite whatever life may throw at you. We want to help you celebrate the positives that your health and fitness journey brings about, but more importantly hold you accountable and keep you motivated through the negative times as well.